Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


‘THE automatic door won! At the grocery store Nov. 19, I presume the automatic door did not like my slow, cane-carrying pace. It commenced closing and, lacking strength to control it, I fell to the floor, hitting my head which began bleeding. Thumbs Up to a lady who came into the store and assisted and the staff who took over; ambulance personnel Blair (your presence made me comfortable, your questions were pertinent, and your listening powers were superb), and Josh (you are a good driver) — Kiitos to you both! — and to the hospital staff. To this senior (who is 14 years shy of 100), this was a ‘flip’ in life’s journey — it could have been much worse.”

THUMBS Down to “stores that play Christmas muzak in November. What are they thinking, that we’ll rush to the poultry department to buy a couple of turkeys? Let’s keep holiday observances to a two-week maximum.”

THUMBS Up to the “angel who gave me a ride home from Walmart last Friday. I was overloaded with groceries and could not get a taxi so attempted to go to the bus stop. She interceded and drove me home to Red River Road. A lovely lady, Kaija helped me so kindly and ended with a hug and a wish for a Merry Christmas. Small acts of kindness mean so much.”

THUMBS Down to people who “drive in excess of 120 km/h (including truckers) on the new four-lane section of Highway 11/17 east of the city. Last time I looked the posted speed limit is still 90 km/h and even when traveling at 105 km/h traffic flies past like you are standing still. Where is the OPP?”

THUMBS Down to drivers “who think the lane markings are null and void when it snows. Your tires will not explode if you drive on the snow! Drive IN the lane and not in both, please.”

‘LAST Friday, five members of our family were travelling to Nipigon for a hockey game when a moose hit their van. Thank God nobody was seriously injured. Thumbs Up to the OnStar representative who comforted them, to the OPP and ambulance staff and to the team’s coach who found room on their bus to drive our family members back to TBay. The events of that night will always be in our minds and we are very thankful that things didn’t turn out differently.”

‘SHAME on gas stations charging for a couple of pounds of air when customers spend outrageous amounts for gas. I assisted a cyclist a few weeks back who needed air for his tire and did not have the loonie. How much is enough?”

THUMBS Up to St. Thomas Anglican Church in Westfort “for their generosity. Last week the food bank gave to over 30 families. They also have a free clothing service where families in the Westfort area can get a warm jacket, hats, mitts, scarves, etc. The food bank and clothing are open every other Friday morning.”

THUMBS Down to TBayTel for “forcing us into paperless billing to save $2 yet I get junk mail weekly from them. We see your billboards, we see your TV ads and we see your newspaper ads. Stop with the junk mail!”

‘ON Wednesday, I was at Metro buying a few items. I only had $20 but the bill came to $20.21. A beautiful woman and her daughter in line behind me both offered the cashier the difference. You made my day, thank you. By the way, these items were for someone in need, someone who I hope will see this and know of the kindness of strangers in a grocery store.”

THUMBS Down to “retailers pushing their own credit card. No means no. Some of the sales staff are relentless. If I want to use Visa, let me. I found my way to the store so maybe I know what I want to pay with. And no to my email address. Remember, a happy customer means profit.”

THUMBS Down to “all the cross-border shoppers. You should know that those electronics ‘deals’ have voided warranties once you cross back to Canada with them. Shop local! Our retailers are trying hard to be competitive; local retailers have creative, locally-made products and great customer service.”

THUMBS Down to “two soldiers leaving Intercity mall Nov. 26. We held the inner door open for you out of respect but as you approached the outer doors, the male soldier kicked the wheelchair accessibility button with his heavy boot. When you were told that wasn’t necessary you gave a dirty look to my husband and I, muttering under your breath to your female partner. Someday you may need to use that wheelchair button. I hope its in good working order. This behaviour was unbecoming of our military.”

THUMBS Up to “Merle, Julia, Dawn, Ken and all the other hard workers at First Student Canada. You know of our son’s love of buses and he will never forget you making Thursday his special day. Sure is nice to know that when my son is on the bus, he has a great team getting him to and from school. Thanks again. You all are the best!”