Unions plan to bulk up against PCs


Local union reps say they’re going to have to up their PR game in the lead-up to a possible spring provincial election or get swamped by Tory attack ads.
“The Tories have been doing a good job of getting their message out so far,” Unifor Local 229 president Kari Jefford admitted.
“We have to be more proactive.”
Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives have been on the offensive since the fall, accusing union leaders like Jefford of drawing big salaries while rank-and-file union members get small increases in their pay and benefits.
Among other things, the PCs have been calling on union leaders to disclose their salaries and give members the option of “opting out” of having to pay union dues.
Jefford said she’s worried that some members are buying the Tory line that there is a connection between union dues and the loss of manufacturing jobs in the province.
“All they talk about is fat-cat teachers and fat-cat nurses, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” she said.

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