Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


THUMBS Up from a Milton, Ont., resident to the Thunder Bay Regional hospital. “I was there visiting relatives during the holiday season and with the snow storms and cold weather I was impressed to see their crews cleaning roads, parking lots and sidewalks. It was so cold but they were doing a great job; it couldn’t have been easy.”

THUMBS Down to the Thunder Bay Regional hospital “for the condition of their parking lots. On Jan. 11 and still on the morning of the 12th, a four-wheel drive was required to enter and leave Lot B. With the warm weather the lot was like porridge, especially by the gates. According to security and staff it is not the hospital’s issue as snow removal is contracted out. Ironic to see people pay $7 for parking and they can’t get out without a push.”

THUMBS Up to the “contractor that snowplows the OLG casino. Most parking lots were impossible to navigate during the warm weather last weekend but the staff at the casino were diligent in removing the slush and keeping the place clean. Anytime I go, the workers in yellow are pleasant and smiling and the big trucks are courteous and cautious while navigating the busy parking lots. Keep up the great work!”

THUMBS Up to the “two concerned gentlemen who came to my rescue in the parking lot of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre on Jan. 7 at about 9:45 a.m. I had fallen just outside the medical offices building and could not get up by myself. Unfortunately, I did not get the names of my Good Samaritans, but I would like to thank them here.”

THUMBS Up to the City of Thunder Bay “for keeping our bike paths plowed. The users of the paths are extremely grateful — they are plowed better than some sidewalks and streets! Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

THUMBS Up to the Thunder Bay Hydro workers “who plowed my driveway along with several others on Shuniah Street Monday. Hydro was working in the area and workers went out of their way to plow driveways along the street as they saw us struggling in the thick snow. After repeatedly getting stuck and being late it was much appreciated!”

THUMBS Up to “Bill, ‘the Snowblower Guy’ who lives on North Empress Avenue. Whenever we have a big snowfall he comes with his snowblower and clears all the driveways on the block that haven’t been done. May God bless him for his kindness!”

THUMBS Down to the “person driving back from the border on Jan. 4 around 5 p.m. Did you not realize what a traffic hazard you were creating by driving 35 mph all the way to town? You had at least 30 cars behind you (we were eighth and couldn’t pass). Pull over or let someone else drive!”

THUMBS Down to the “coward who flew past a stop sign onto Ford Street Wednesday at noon, causing me to drive into and get stuck in the snowbank so as to avoid a collision! You raced away leaving me wedged in the snow. Thumbs Up first to the three ladies walking by who made several attempts to help free my car, and secondly to the three gentlemen who, with an old seatbelt to connect my car to a pickup, freed me! Thank goodness kind people outnumber the bad. Thank you so much, ladies and the gentlemen MacGyvers, for your help.”

THUMBS Down to the driver of cream-coloured Ford truck who “pulled out of Mount Forest Boulevard Jan. 4 and later turned right off the highway. Your truck is very clean; next time, do the same for your enclosed snowmobile trailer and clean off the snow. You caused a near white-out condition.”

THUMBS Up to Thunder Bay. “Last weekend a spaghetti dinner benefit was a huge success because of the greatness of this community. Friends and family came together to show their support for the Raposo family to assist with travel cost while one of their children stays at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Special thank you to St. Margaret School teachers, students and volunteers and to (business donors) for making this happen.”

THUMBS Up to the “wonderful lady who found my daughter’s retainer. Not only did she track down the orthodontist but she also returned it to the office! My daughter was searching frantically for it for weeks and was worried about paying for a new one. You set a great example for my daughter.”

It’s so nice to see people out walking, skiing, snowshoeing and sliding at Centennial Park! The trails are wide with lots of room for everyone. Thumbs Down to those who walk or snowshoe on the ski trails. It’s much nicer to have a track to ski on. Please stay off the tracks!”

THUMBS Up to the “young boy who has brought joy into our lives every day as he walks past us on Hill Street to school as we wait for our school bus. Your friendly chatter and sincerity is a breath of fresh air in an age when most people can’t be bothered or have their faces glued to a screen. You are a great example for my sons and your parents should be proud!”