Jets set to move farm team to Thunder Bay


Mark Chipman has three words regarding the prospect of moving the Winnipeg Jets’ farm team from its present home on the east coast: location, location, location.
The executive chairman of True North Sports and Entertainment Ltd. which operates the Jets, said Tuesday that although St. John’s, NL, “is a great hockey market,” Thunder Bay simply offers more advantages to the Jets.
The relative proximity between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg would make it easier to shuttle players between the Jets and its AHL affiliate, as well as Winnipeg-based coaches wanting to scout developing talent at a future new Thunder Bay hockey rink housed in a proposed $106-million event centre.
While Chipman sounded enthusiastic about the prospect, he cautioned, “that this is all very preliminary. None of this is going to happen until a new facility is built in Thunder Bay.”
That took a step closer Tuesday, when the city and a consortium, of which True North is a member, announced a plan to sign a letter of intent aimed at building the complex.

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