Kakabeka street fair could be back


Gone but not forgotten, a popular Kakabeka Falls event may be resurrected this summer.
Depending on public reaction to the proposal, the Kakabeka Falls Legion is looking at organizing and running a street fair in August.
Legion secretary Ken Milenko said Wednesday that “after careful and very serious consideration, our membership (believes) we have the property and the room to provide an excellent venue for this large event.
“We (also) have the willingness and participation of enough of our volunteers to support this undertaking.”
The street fair was cancelled last summer after long-time organizer Marlis Bommes-Dudzinski retired from the event and no one volunteered to take over.
Since it’s demise, Milenko said, there has been considerable interest in restarting the fair.
He said that the event was run well by Bommes-Dudzinski.
“It’s a tremendous amount of work, and she did a fabulous job.”
While traffic and parking were problems in the past, Milenko said, “with the Legion’s 44 acres, we believe we have the space to support the rides, vendors, merchandisers and everyone who enjoys the whole street fair.
“We feel that if parking, traffic and other serious issues are addressed properly, the Legion could quite easily provide a fantastic venue to provide our community with a wonderful summer event,” he said.
“Our membership has discussed this proposition at length and are prepared to go the next step in seeing this event come to fruition,” Milenko said.
The Legion is to host a meeting on March 8 to gauge public opinion on the fair proposal.
The session runs at the Royal Canadian Legion beginning at 1 p.m. Discussions will include traffic concerns, parking, booth rental fees, insurance, rides and vendors.
“We will release our decision (regarding) hosting this very large event very shortly after this public meeting,” Milenko added.