Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


THUMBS Up to “Jim on Thistle Crescent for looking after all of his neighbours, shovelling and snowblowing endlessly! We all appreciate it and are grateful to have such a good friend and neighbour.”

‘THUMBS Up and Gold to the young man with the little Bobcat who appeared from out of the blue and cleared my driveway on Archibald Street last Saturday and wouldn’t take anything for it. You made a bad winter better. Wishing you and your real cat good things around every corner.”

THUMBS Down to Thunder Bay Regional hospital for “not maintaining their parking lot. I had to be at the hospital for 8 a.m., last Friday and the lot was not plowed. Many cars were getting stuck. The plow was just coming as I finally found a way out. This lot is always a mess. Just where does our parking money go to anyway?”

THUMBS Up to the city grader on Admiral Court Wednesday. “The young man pushed the piles of snow back, then took the tops off many snow banks. As he moved back down the street, he widened it to allow safer passage. I think this may have been the operator we had who never piled much snow in our driveways and always did a terrific job. Could we please have him back as our regular grader guy?”

THUMBS Down to “city sanitation workers for not picking up our garbage on Feb. 21. You took the time to leave a tag on the can advising that there wasn’t a lid so you didn’t take our trash. We don’t have a lid to any of our cans anymore because 1) you usually throw them on the ground and we have searched the neighbourhood for them when it’s windy and not found them, or 2) in the cold weather you have pushed the lid into the can cracking the cold plastic. There was a green bag of garbage next to the can and you wouldn’t take that one either. I know the weather was terrible last Friday, but come on!”

THUMBS Up from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 219 and Polish Combatants Branch 1 to the “City of Thunder Bay Culture and Events team along with the Walleye Magazine for the wonderful Arts and Heritage Awards ceremony last week. It was a great opportunity to network and celebrate Thunder Bay’s diverse and talented cultural sector. We are so proud! Congratulations to all nominees and winners, it was great to spend an evening with such an amazing group of people.”

THUMBS Down to the “person who stole the luggage off my front step last week, containing bedding. Thumbs Up to karma because now you have bedbugs.”

THUMBS Up to “Cambrian Players’ production of The Ladies Man playing until March 1 at the Paramount Theatre. We attended the sold-out show on Wednesday and laughed the night away with these very talented actors and production crew. Go see this very funny and tightly crafted farce!”

THUMBS Down to the “two healthy young men sitting in the only adult-sized chairs in the children’s section of Chapters on Saturday. As a 71-year-old I was prepared to stand while my grandson played, but I was appalled at their lack of consideration when my daughter arrived, with her broken ankle in a cast, and they studiously ignored her while she stood there balanced on her crutches. Thumbs Up to the Chapters employee who went and found her a chair.”

THUMBS Up from a homeowner who wrote last week about waiting on Grenville Avenue “to the hard working sewer and water crew who have been braving the cold and snow to thaw residential water lines. Your effort is greatly appreciated. I have never been so happy to have running water!”

‘DID the effect of the videotape of the transport passing the snow plow on Highway 11 almost causing a fatal accident not alert motorists of driving more safely? I think not. On Feb. 22 while enroute from Nipigon to Red Rock to attend a funeral service I came around a corner and had to brake to allow someone passing a plow to get back in their lane, narrowly missing me! Thumbs Down for raising my blood pressure.”

THUMBS Up to the “ticket agent at the Community Auditorium box office. As I was waiting for a refund, she had back-to-back rude customers who yelled at her over policies that she clearly could not change. She treated them with respect and did not sacrifice her excellent customer service. Thumbs Down to the first customer who lost a ticket and tried to blame her because he now had to pay $4 to replace it. Thumbs Down to the next customer who received a full refund on the debit card he’d used, which upset him because he now had to walk to an ATM to get the cash he wanted. TBCA staff, keep up the good work!”

THUMBS Up to “who I am guessing is the maintenance man at the Thunder Bay Medical Centre. He gifted my toddler with a toy that had been sitting in the lost and found for a long time. Not only did it help amuse him during our wait, but the piggy is now his favourite bedtime toy!”