Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


THUMBS Up to the “wonderful, informative and patient staff of the Lakehead public school board and the Kingfisher Lake Education Centre. I was pleased to attend a field trip with my child’s class and more so to enjoy the lovely scenery, which many children may not have a chance to experience otherwise, some basic lessons on ecology, soils, flora and fauna, and, most importantly, fun! Keep it up folks, and many thanks!”

THUMBS Up to the Westfort Rangers Bantam B hockey team for “putting their best efforts on the ice in the city playoffs last week and coming in second. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. What a great ending to this hockey season! The sportsmanship and teamwork was incredible on both sides and you really represented the Thunder Bay Westfort Hockey Association. Thank you to all of our coaches for a job well done. Have a great summer and all the best next season.”

THUMBS Down to the “younger man who gave a woman a hard time because she made him wait an extra few seconds in the express line at a grocery store last Thursday while she tried to deal with a credit card machine. You were rude and acted very childish and I was so happy when she put you in your place.”

THUMBS Up to the “person with the shovel who cleaned up the winter’s accumulation of dog poop on the bush trail near the Jumbo Gardens Recreation Centre. Thumbs Down to the idiots who do not clean up after their dogs, especially the person with the small dog that has left its droppings on the path by the kids’ play area all winter, and the lady with the big dog who leaves her dog’s droppings on the soccer field all year.”

THUMBS Up to the “city grader operator who so graciously cleared snow from the side of Knox Pruden church. It was appreciated by people who attended our Spring Tea last Saturday, especially those in wheelchairs and on walkers and canes. Thank you!”

THUMBS Down to certain Thunder Bay drivers. “There is a neat invention sticking out on the left side of the steering column. When you use it, it informs those drivers around you of where you intend to go — left or right. You may want to try it out some time.”

THUMBS Up from a Marathon reader to CBC-TV for the “wonderfully entertaining evening programming this past season. There were so many terrific shows — Arctic Air, Cracked, Murdoch Mysteries, Dragons’ Den, Republic of Doyle, Marketplace, Recipe to Riches, Best Laid Plans, Rick Mercer. And, let us not forget the sports — figure skating, the Olympics, hockey. What a treat it was to have so many great Canadian programs to watch during this everlasting winter!”

THUMBS Down to undependability. “I was so excited when you, Thunder Bay Waste Collection, finally asked for my number. You said you’d text me to tell me you were coming over. In the first week you texted and arrived when you said you would. Butterflies. This week, you disappeared. No text. Then I saw you leaving my neighbour’s house this morning. Now I’m stuck with the same old garbage. If you say you will text, please text. Is that too much to ask? I’m tired of playing games. Seriously, I’m a fan of Thunder Bay Waste Collection using the ReCollect Connection service but if the schedule changes you need to update the automatic reminder system, too.”

THUMBS Up from family in Red Rock to “the outstanding employees of Roseview Manor in Thunder Bay for their continuous love and support of all of our precious seniors who they care for in such a loving and respectful manner each day.”

THUMBS Down to Tbaytel for “continued unwillingness to provide a neighbourhood within Thunder Bay city limits a broadband Internet solution, while those on the other side of the road have such access. It pains us to read that they’ve expanded outside the city while neglecting people right here at home. We’ve repeatedly been told that ‘Things are in the works’ — for five years now!”

THUMBS Up to the “parents who brought their kids back to a local convenience store to apologize and pay for items they’d stolen that day. Despite any embarrassment they may have felt, these parents showed their children that they cared enough to guide them along the right path in life.”

THUMBS Down to some “regular patrons of a busy coffee shop on Waterloo. There is no need for you to park at the end of North Brunswick Street. You block the snow plows and hamper traffic from entering and exiting the street at the same time. You’ve been asked and the restaurant doesn’t want to hear our complaints. The establishment has ample parking and your actions are rude and inconsiderate.”

FLAG WATCH. A long, hard winter has taken its toll on many flags flying in our communities. If your Maple Leaf or other flag is worn and tattered, please take it down and replace it.