Northwestern Ontario squad doubled in opener


KITCHENER, Ont. — In the third annual Under-16 OHL Gold Cup held at the Kitchener Auditorium this week eight teams began their quest for the trophy.
Judging by the collar-up black-waist jackets in attendance, the signature outerwear of any scout worth his notepad and pen, it’s a last-chance look at provincial area all-star collections, sporting more than a few players who have missed the big look-see.
On Wednesday, Team HNO (Hockey Northern Ontario), on their arrival in town for their one and only practice, I had renewed acquaintance with the team staff outside the HNO dressing room, in particular head coach Doug Colbon.
We had first crossed at the OHL Cup back in 2004 when he had Paul Karpowich in goal and Jordan Staal up front.
Colbon, along with assistant coaches Chris Whitely and Travis Batters, technical director Ron Mackinnon, and trainer Gord Wilson make up the front office and heading up Team HNO contingent is Mario Filane.

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