Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


THUMBS Up to Bluesfest. “It was awesome? I have to say the porta-potties there are the cleanest that I have ever been in at any outdoor event around town. They are spotless from noon to 11 at night. Way to go ‘pooper troopers’!”

THUMBS Up to city sewer and water. “We started getting water in our basement Sunday night and called the city to have them come check our storm sewer. Within 14 minutes, two city employees showed up to help us. We couldn’t believe how quick they were to arrive and how polite, helpful and thorough the gentlemen were. Great to see what great service and employees the city has.”

THUMBS Down to Chapples Golf Course “which is being poorly maintained by the city. Parts resemble a muddy swamp with lack of signage and poorly maintained greens and fairways. Chapples would have been a far smarter choice to close over Municipal Golf Course.”

THUMBS Down to “people who take shopping carts from grocery stores and to police for not pinching them. Theft should be punished. If you do not own a car buy in smaller batches and more frequently. There is no excuse for this.”

THUMBS Up to the “couple who pulled in behind seven soggy motorcyclists on Highway 61, just north or the border, on July 6 during a torrential rainstorm. Putting on your four-ways and parking behind us ensured our safety since drivers likely couldn’t have seen us on the shoulder waiting out the storm. Your good deed will be paid forward. A huge thank you!”

THUMBS Down to “the Neanderthal driving the maroon-coloured dump truck north on Dog Lake Road Monday at 8:05 a.m. I saw you purposely swerve to the shoulder of the road to intentionally kill a feeding raven. Congratulations. Go to the top of your class!”

THUMBS Up to the “staff in the radiation unit at the regional hospital. They are professional, yet kind. They show genuine interest in you and get excited on your behalf (such as when I was anticipating a Michael Bublé concert). We are fortunate to have such great cancer care in our home town.”

THUMBS Down to whomever “dumped a box spring in our back lane (Peter Street north of River) mid-winter. I don’t know what my neighbours and I have been waiting for but clearly the only way it will be removed is if one of us takes it to the dump as it’s been rotting there for months. Thanks for being lazy and cheap and not taking it there yourself.”

THUMBS Down to the people who run the Mount McKay lookout. “A number of vehicles were driven up Sunday afternoon only to be turned around at locked gate and closed gatehouse where the hours clearly state Sunday open at 10 a.m. Not only do we now have to pay $5 to drive up there when it used to be free, it may not even be open when we get there! Thunder Bay is a great place to live and visit; people should be able to enjoy outings like this.”

THUMBS Up for the “mother breastfeeding her child in a crowded government office without feeling the need to cover up and hide away this very natural and human way to care for her baby. An even bigger Thumbs Up to the rest of the clients sitting around her and accepting that what she was doing was not indecent. Yay for progress?”

THUMBS Down to the “couple at Marina Park’s Summer in the Park July 9 with the German shepherd dog on a chain. It snapped every time a person walked by and even worse when it was a child. Your dog made little children cry. This is a family event and there are children everywhere! You should leave the dog at home if you want to enjoy the great bands playing. Thumbs Up to the people who told the couple it was not the place for an aggressive dog.”

THUMBS Down to “motorists who think a yellow light means speed up. Way too many times I have seen people who have plenty of time to stop when the light turns yellow but they don’t. Also, Thumbs Down to the ones who almost rear-end you because you do stop for the yellow.”

THUMBS Down to people who “walk together on each side of the paths at Boulevard Lake forcing runners or people on bikes to slow up to get around them. There are two lanes which are designed for travel in either direction. Learn to follow these simple rules or stay home.”

THUMBS Up to Leanne, a Thunder Bay Transit driver who “stopped her Main Line bus Thursday on South Court Street and went to the aid of a young teen who was being beaten and kicked by two other youths. She ran toward the fight, the bullies fled and she led the teen into her bus.”

THUMBS Up to this compassionate city bus driver. “As we were travelling with a funeral procession down Mary Street about 1 p.m., Wednesday, this driver not only pulled his bus to the side of the road, he removed his hat and held it to his chest. City Transit, this driver did you proud.”