A city of pet lovers

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Perhaps Thunder Bay should be known as the City of Pet Lovers with a Giant Heart.
Upon returning home from a weekend trip, we discovered that our beloved terripoo had gone missing. I put out a message on the Facebook forum, Thunder Bay Lost and Found Pets, and sadly within seconds we discovered that our pet had died.
I want to thank the kind people who helped us recover Orson and give him a sendoff fitting a loving and loyal family member of 10 years. Special thanks go out to the administrators of Thunder Bay Lost and Found Pets, the Jarvas and Samantha K., who took measures to spare our feelings, remove wee Orson from the roadway and try to locate the owner. Thank you also James at Carillion who showed such empathy and brought our little friend back to our home.
This has been a difficult time for our family but I can’t imagine how much more difficult it is when you never know what happened. Thank you all for providing us with closure. Orson rests peacefully with his doggy bed and squeaky ball, among the trees he once played in.
Connie Johnson
Thunder Bay