The latest on opioids

Friday, July 11, 2014

While the recent report of The Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences may provide great headlines (Opioid OD Deaths Soar: Study – CJ, July 7) the story as reported is far from complete.
It is interesting that the report studies the situation up to 2010 but implies that the findings are current information. 2010 is the year that the provincial government took the advice of its Narcotics Advisory Panel and introduced Bill 101 — “An Act to provide for monitoring the prescribing and dispensing of certain controlled substances.”
The act is aimed to monitor drug prescribing; educate prescribers, dispensers and patients on appropriate use of narcotic drugs; and provide for treatment of addicted patients.
As well, the formulation of a popular abused and misused drug has been changed to make it more difficult to divert for non-clinical purposes.
The effects of these measures have not yet been reported but it would be hoped that the horrible statistics reported in the study would be improved by the measures as implemented.
Ken Arnold
Thunder Bay