A new bridge

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let me humbly offer what could possibly be a starting point for a solution to the James Street bridge dilemma.
If CN wants out from the contract and the city and Fort William First Nation both desire a bridge for obvious reasons, perhaps an offer to CN would work.
They would build a new bridge and maintain it for a period of time — say, 5-10 years — at which time the bridge could be deeded over to the city and First Nation with confidence that it will last.
FWFN could then grant to CN the rights of way the railway needs to continue to operate in this area.
The city and FWFN could make a side agreement to provide for a fund for ongoing maintenance.
This partnership could provide both entities with an ownership stake to allow for future decision making as needed.
Drop the rhetoric and electioneering and get to work. It doesn’t seem all that difficult to me.
I understand this is a fairly cursory look at the issue but everything must start somewhere.
Dan Wilson
Thunder Bay

In reference to the James Street bridge closure there are businesses that are claiming they are losing thousands of dollars. But the farther you go down City Road the price of gas and cigarettes is lower. Does this mean that the closer you are to Highway 61 the less you need to compete with your competitors?
Certain gas pumps are going non-stop with lineups onto the road so some gas stations and stores are making money. If the price of your gas is 10 cents higher than your close competition you won’t get the business because once someone has driven that far, what’s another half a kilometre to save an extra 10 bucks on a tank of gas?
Edwin Kivisto
Thunder Bay

There has been this ongoing thing about the swing bridge fire. What I have not heard is who started it. The people who lit the fire should be held responsible. I am sure there are some people who saw or heard who did it. Why should the tax payers be held responsible?
James Dixon
Thunder Bay