Thunder Bay a city to be proud of

Monday, July 14, 2014

Too often we focus primarily on the negative which seems to evaporate the positive. Thunder Bay has been my home for almost 24 years and, after last Wednesday, I could not be more proud of it.
I love to travel and have been across the world. I have met some of the most amazing individuals from every walk of life. Thunder Bay outshines every place I have been. Not only do we have the most pristine landscape, incredible wildlife and outstanding cultural appreciation, we also, as a whole, have the biggest hearts.
I have worked with individuals with special needs for almost nine years. I have seen this community embrace them with open arms.
Wednesday night, while accompanying one of my special needs friends to Summer in the Parks, I was filled with immense happiness as I witnessed him and a large group of individuals with physical and mental disabilities. take to the stage to dance to the music.
As I glanced at the audience I was overwhelmed with relief and so proud of my city. Almost all of the spectators were beaming with smiles and many joined these amazing people on stage and danced along. Allowing these individuals the freedom to express themselves and encouraging them to do so is one giant step in the right direction.
To these people of Thunder Bay, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the most accepting, inclusive and giving group of people I have ever seen.
Bridney Prout
Thunder Bay