Automatic job losses

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Re Automated Trash Collection Offers Hope For Littered City — letter, July 12:
OK, I agree about people who don’t do more to stop their garbage from being strewn all over the neighbourhood. They should cover their garbage and no one should leave garbage on the street for a week. But, asking taxpayers of this city to fund these automated trucks is ridiculous! These trucks would almost certainly spell the death of many of the few good paying jobs left in the Thunder Bay area. If people would just start taking responsibility for their actions and property, we wouldn’t have this problem.
And to the people who “borrow” shopping carts to get their groceries home, I can understand the need, but do not then leave the empty cart in front of someone else’s house (Thumbs Down, July 12)! This is not only another form of littering, it creates a potential road hazard for drivers.
Mary Edwards
Thunder Bay