More empathy

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Roots of Empathy as portrayed on the back page of The Chronicle-Journal Tuesday is certainly a great move towards helping children to understand others and that others have feelings and may be hurt by remarks spoken by their peers.
However, another basic approach could be added to this great program and that would be to teach children that people are born with different sexual orientations. That would even the playing field if children understood about LBGTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning) people and that some of their young peers are already experiencing the fact that they are different than the portrayed “norm,” but are afraid to express their very nature for fear of being ostracized by a society that is still pretending that there is only one sexual orientation, which is to be attracted to the opposite sex.
Explaining the real facts of life, even if it rubs some religious/cultural segments of society the wrong way, is one way that people may stop bullying those they deem “different.” Because some societies are more open, because gay marriage is accepted in parts of the world, a lot of young people of today more readily accept this aspect of life and that is a good start to helping it spread to all of society.
Perhaps a good logo to add to Roots of Empathy would be, “Don’t Be A Dinosaur.”
Dorothy Hays,
Kakabeka Falls