Arts, culture on display at LU

Melody Corvid juggles at Lakehead University while behind her Renee Terpstra performs spoken word as Definitely Superior Art Gallery previews their upcoming Random Acts of Poetry and connects with students.

Circus performers, a poet and a musician showcased their talents on the Lakehead University campus last week as part of a student outreach event by Definitely Superior Art Gallery.

It’s an opportunity to let students at the university know what DefSup is all about and encourage them to involve themselves with the arts, said Renee Terpstra, development administrator with the gallery.

“When you engage with arts and culture, you build a sensibility of ties to the community and love and enjoyment of that community,” said Terpstra.

“I think that’s a win-win for everybody.”

The event served as a way to talk about the different multi-disciplinary arts and programs the gallery supports and was a preview for the upcoming Random Acts of Poetry set for Oct. 1-7.

Performers also told passing students about the Hunger 12, DefSup’s fundraising Halloween Cabaret set for Oct. 18 in the downtown north core.

“I think it’s really important for students to know the options they have in the city for social and artistic programming, particularly free programming,” said Lora Northway, outreach co-ordinator with DefSup. “To be aware we are a busy, cultured city and you don’t have to limit yourself to house parties and bars.”

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