Montreal trailblazers make Thunder Bay debut

The Damn Truth are excited to finally be making their Thunder Bay debut at The Foundry today. From left, Tom Shemer, Lee-la-Baum, Pierre Yves Letellier and Dave Traina.


WHERE there’s smoke, there’s fire. Just ask Montreal blues rockers The Damn Truth. Trailblazers in their own right, the band experienced some vehicle trauma while on tour when the engine of their tour van shot up in flames this past Fall in Sault Ste. Marie.

A few shows were missed, including Thunder Bay. Morale of the story? Don’t trust your vehicle’s been properly serviced.

Like a scene from the movies, the fiery experience has been described by band members as crazy, surreal and shocking. While their trailer of gear was thankfully saved, the van burned to a crisp, including acoustic guitars, personal belongings and merchandise.

In true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, the show must go on. And The Damn Truth looked no further than the music community where $15,000 was raised within a mere 24 hours via a Go Fund Me campaign.

Explains vocalist and guitarist Lee-La Baum, “We rented a tour van and finished the tour. The Canadian rock music community stepped up and blew us away. We felt loved and supported. We are so grateful for the support which even spanned world-wide. News of this event went viral. We received a lot of help.”

The Damn Truth are excited to finally be making their Thunder Bay debut at The Foundry today (May 18) after a cancelled show last October. Says Baum from Niagara Falls, “Come on out! We’re super excited to finally play for our first time ever, nothing is going to stop us.”

And it seems as though nothing can. The band blew the roof off the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto last week receiving nothing but love from live music enthusiasts in attendance. “Everyone’s been up front and singing along, it’s incredible, that can never get old. It’s a special feeling. It’s one thing to connect to the music in the moment and feel a little less lonely in this world. When people sing along they’re listening on their own when we’re not around. It’s mind blowing. It feels like we’re on the right track.”

On the right track indeed. Their latest album, Devilish Folk, is pure proof of that. Baum is a vintage throwback, in her vocal stylings as well as her fashion sense. An old soul, but the voice of Yves Saint Laurent for its new fragrance, Mon Paris.

The band’s hauntingly beautiful version of the U2 song Love is Blindness is a memorable highlight during their visceral rock show. Guitarist Tom Shemer, drummer Dave Traina and bassist Pierre -Yves Letellier round out this sonic assault, not soon forgotten.

Where ‘60s psych-folk meets ‘70s classic rock, that’s where you can find The Damn Truth, standing on their own with their style of bluesy soul-based rock. The tunes are always flowing in this tour van, so new material is in the creative phase. Says Baum, “We’re always writing. When music is constantly playing in your head you’re always going to be creating. I’m a traveler at heart, whenever I’m on the move I’m most creative.”

The Damn Truth play the Foundry tonight.

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