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Thunder Bay Police are hoping an autopsy will provide more details regarding Wednesday’s discovery of the body of an adult man in a snow bank in the city’s Junot Park.

Confederation College was the site of eight crime scenes Wednesday. Luckily, they were all simulated exercises for students in the police foundations program at the college.

A 24-year-old man was treated for stab wounds early Wednesday after being assaulted in an apartment hallway on Thunder Bay’s south side. City police said the man was “approached” in a S.

The Thunder Bay Kings have landed in a league for teams across the board in their program next season.

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When the bottom fell out of iron-ore giant Cliffs Natural Resources last year and the company’s big plans for Northern Ontario began to unravel, a competitor remarked that development in the Ring of F

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THUMBS Up to all the folks who “work tirelessly to organize and operate our food banks and soup kitchens in order to help others. There is a lot of work to make this happen.