BBQ brushed bacon wrapped pickerel is made with only three ingredients


WELL we’re into February and that means while it’s still winter out there the weather is beginning to make its long climb back into the temperatures that herald the approach of spring. For the outdoor enthusiasts this time of year is great for enjoying winter sports. From skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and snowmobiling the balance of warmer weather, February snows and longer days make for perfect days for outdoor adventures.

I have to admit that while I haven’t had the opportunity to get out as much as I’d like this year I still have hope that I’ll be able to take advantage of this perfect adventure weather soon. One of my favourite outdoor activities that I miss the most is ice fishing.

Hitting the trails with some family and friends and cruising the lake until you find that perfect spot to stretch out and set up shop for the day is a big part of the fun. Once there it’s time to set up a wind break, drill some holes and wet a few lines.

Once day camp is looking good the chef in me usually starts to kick in. Digging up some firewood and a good spot to get ready for a little campfire cooking is what I enjoy doing while the crew keeps watch of the lines and enjoys the day.

I don’t mind being the designated fire and ice guy - it’s good fun and everyone wants to be your friend when it comes time to take the days catch and turn it into some serious outdoor tastitude.

While I pride myself on being a pretty decent cook, our extended family Nick, Susan and their three girls have been making this amazing fish recipe forever, and I just had to steal it.

Their campfire bacon wrapped pickerel is probably one of the best tasting campfire recipes that I have ever tasted. Of course while it is truly addictive and near perfect, I couldn’t resist doctoring it up just a little. The result now has unanimous family approval as our official family fish recipe.

I’m sure by now you’re wanting to get down to business and get to the food part of this winter adventure and as always I’m happy to share.

BBQ Brushed Bacon Wrapped Pickerel may sound simple, weird or just simply weird but trust me it’s one of my absolute favorite outdoor eats.

With only three ingredients, its pretty amazing how good it is. Of course I think it’s this simplicity, the fresh ingredients and a little fire licked flavour that play such a huge role in what makes this seemingly simple recipe so good. But sharing it with great friends and family has a little something to do with why everyone loves this recipe so much.

So in the spirit of sharing some great eats with family and taking advantage of some great winter weather for an adventure of your own here’s a fire and ice recipe that’s sure to tickle your tastebuds and become one of your family favourites too.

BBQ Brushed Bacon Wrapped Pickerel

4 to 6 fresh Pickerel fillets, (about 2 lbs)

12 slices of partially cooked bacon, cut in half

1/4 cup of your favourite BBQ Sauce- (of course we like Lifted Kilt Scotch Whiskey BBQ Sauce)

5 long metal skewers

Build a fire and allow it to burn down and develop a solid bed of hot coals.

Cut the pickerel into 1-1/2 inch cubes. Wrap each piece of pickerel with one of the half pieces of partially cooked bacon and slide onto one of the skewers. Repeat until all the pickerel is skewered leaving a little room between each piece. Grill the pickerel over the hot coals of the campfire turning frequently until nearly cooked. Brush the BBQ Sauce onto the skewers just prior to finishing cooking.-

Serve hot and enjoy.

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