AJAX, Ont. - A 22-year-old southern Ontario man who was arrested, released, and arrested again, is facing several charges including a count for allegedly exposing himself in a police station.

Investigators say a man was arrested Thursday morning after police received reports of a car travelling westbound in the eastbound lanes of a street in Ajax, Ont., forcing other motorists off the road.

After the car struck a construction fence and stopped, witnesses used their vehicles to block the driver from leaving the scene until officers arrived, seized a quantity of narcotics from the car, and arrested a man.

It's alleged that while the man was waiting for a ride home after being processed at the police station, he became agitated, swore at officers and challenged them to a fight.

Durham Regional Police say the man was given numerous opportunities to leave with his ride, but continued to swear and was arrested after allegedly pulling down his pants in front of officers and members of the public in the station lobby.

A Burlington, Ont., man is charged with driving while impaired by a drug, dangerous driving, and possession of cocaine, causing a disturbance, and committing an indecent act.

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