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TORONTO - Canada is sending more public health personnel to West Africa to help with the Ebola containment effort.

The Public Health Agency of Canada says it will send a group of specialists to Guine

WASHINGTON - The miserable flu season is winding down, but it's lasted longer than usual and federal health officials warn there's still a lot of illness spreading.

An aggressive flu strain caused mo


REGINA - A Saskatchewan man who says he was faced with ambulance bills of more than $5,000 after his wife's death wants the province to change its policies.

Dave Carr, who is 70, says his wife had ce

WASHINGTON - A provocative study in mice suggests something as simple as breathing in extra oxygen might give immune cells a boost in attacking cancer.

The immune system often can spot and destroy ab

OTTAWA - The cheques appear to be pouring in for disabled people who have spent years trying to get Canada Pension Plan disability benefits.

With a federal election looming, advocates for the disable

EDMONTON - A child in hospital after being exposed to a pesticide his parents used to kill bedbugs has been taken off a ventilator and moved to a recovery room.

Family spokesman Taj Mohammed says the

LONDON - Put down the donut.

As Canadians prepare to set their clocks ahead an hour this weekend for the start of daylight time, chronically sleep-deprived people could be hit hard by the change.

"If you're getting five to six h

REGINA - Government consultants used a stopwatch to track the movements of a nurse for precisely four minutes and 59 seconds as part of a program to streamline Saskatchewan health care.

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