MONTREAL - A former Quebec doctor who stabbed his two children to death is hoping to be released from a psychiatric hospital before his new trial.

Guy Turcotte's lawyers are set to appear in court in

WHITEHORSE - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says police investigations, not a national inquiry, are the best way to deal with crimes involving missing and murdered aboriginal women.

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OTTAWA - Canada's Senate may never become an elected parliamentary chamber, but a move is afoot to bring at least a measure of democracy to the appointed upper house.

Terry Mercer, an independent Lib

OTTAWA - The RCMP and the Canadian military have spent nearly $11.5 million in the last eight years on a national search-and-destroy mission for illicit marijuana crops.

Federal figures show the annu

CALGARY - A prominent imam intends to draw attention to what he calls the "un-Islamic" beliefs and actions of militants claiming responsibility for the murder of a U.S.

OTTAWA - In the communications arsenal the Conservatives are building against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, the word "elite" is proving to be one of the most popular put-downs.

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TORONTO - Two class-action lawsuits by hundreds of people detained during the G20 summit in Toronto four years ago are headed for another round of legal wrangling.

Earlier this month the Divisional C


WHITEHORSE - Prime Minister Stephen Harper kicked off the first full day of his annual northern tour today with news of a multimillion-dollar Arctic program from the National Research Council.

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