VANCOUVER - Members of the Law Society of British Columbia have voted overwhelmingly against accrediting a Christian university's law school.

The referendum was called at the end of September by the

EDMONTON - A woman is hoping to find a man believed to be homeless whom she discovered playing a street piano in downtown Edmonton.

Roslyn Polard (POH'-lard) says she was amazed last week by the dish

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau isn't the only federal political leader with a bone to pick with Sun media.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is upset over an editorial cartoon that ran in the Toronto Sun newspaper ju

OTTAWA - As the Conservative government doles out good-news announcements thanks to a looming budget surplus, newly released public documents show it continues to shortchange the military.

Public Acc


VANCOUVER - The trial for a former RCMP officer charged with perjury has heard allegations that the four Mounties involved in Robert Dziekanski's death met before testifying at a public inquiry.


MONTREAL - A woman who was strangled by her own clothing on a Montreal subway escalator died after her scarf became caught in the mechanism.

Naima Rharouity's death by asphyxiation last January has b

MONTREAL - Bacon the pig is no longer a ham on the lam.

He was snared Thursday morning by animal protection officials after keeping them and Quebec provincial police on the hunt for several days.


OTTAWA - Prince Charles has made what is being described as a substantial donation to the families of the two Canadian soldiers killed recently in separate attacks.

Clarence House confirmed a donatio

WINNIPEG - A lawyer for a former archbishop convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the 1980s says he has fresh evidence that could have exonerated his client.

Jeff Gindin (GIHN'-dihn), who