OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a broadcast address on the shootings in Ottawa on Wednesday.

OTTAWA - National addresses by Canadian prime ministers are rare, and usually only deal with major events.

VANCOUVER - A man with the same name as the gunman slain in Wednesday's shooting in Ottawa had a criminal record in Vancouver.

The slain shooter has been identified as Michael Joseph Paul Zehaf Bibea

OTTAWA - Downtown Ottawa is a place where hundreds show up to do yoga on Wednesdays on the Parliament Hill lawn, where the sidewalks empty at dusk and the few remaining panhandlers cheerily bid late c

CALGARY - Calgary's police chief says it should come as no surprise to anyone that Canada is a target for terrorists and the biggest danger now may be "copycat" attacks.

Rick Hanson said al-Qaida mad

OTTAWA - A gunman shot and killed a soldier at the National War Memorial and then went on to Parliament Hill's Center Block where he was shot dead, an incident that turned the heart of the nation's ca

MONTREAL - The attack on Parliament that left a Canadian Forces reservist dead Wednesday chilled the longest-serving member of Quebec's legislature as he recalled a gunman's assault there 30 years ago

OTTAWA - In the shadow of Wednesday's attack on Parliament Hill, Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke with NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in a rare show of cross-partisanship.

HAMILTON - The soldier shot and killed at the National War Memorial on Wednesday has been identified as Cpl.

A gunman shot and killed a soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday before being shot dead in Parliament Hill's Center Block.