EDMONTON - The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team says it has made a massive steroid bust in Edmonton.

Spokesman Mike Tucker says multiple search warrants were executed and more than $10 million i

Canadian universities are slipping in a global ranking based on learning environment, research, innovation and other performance indicators.

Eight Canadian universities made the top 200 in the Times

SEATTLE - A Canadian man who sold counterfeit airbags over the Internet has been sentenced by a U.S.


TORONTO - The longest serving inmate in Canada to have a murder conviction thrown out faces a potential new obstacle in his bid to sue those involved in his prosecution.

Ottawa police and the provinc

OTTAWA - The Harper government plans further changes to its oft-maligned veterans charter, hoping to take the political sting out of complaints by ex-soldiers promising to campaign against them in the

OTTAWA - A national fur lobby says it raised objections with federal ministers upon learning the RCMP planned to begin outfitting officers with tuques instead of muskrat hats.

Glen Doucet of the Fur


VANCOUVER - The University of Victoria is trying to unravel a mystery about an unknown First World War soldier whose sketches from the front lines ended up at the school's library in two bound volumes

VANCOUVER - It was a shocking gangland crime that could rightfully be called a bloodbath: six men murdered, execution-style, two of them innocent bystanders who happened to be in the wrong place.