MONTREAL - A student group is denouncing the police after a protester was shot in the face with part of a tear-gas canister at an anti-austerity demonstration.

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OTTAWA - Canadian runner Daundre Barnaby has died in a swimming accident at a national team training camp in St.

TORONTO - An animal rights group alleges that one of Ontario's top chicken producers is engaging in inhumane practices despite a court order to treat their poultry with more care.

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OTTAWA - The Opposition New Democrats are calling for a series of amendments to the federal government's controversial anti-terrorism bill.

FREDERICTON - The New Brunswick legislature has passed a motion that condemns the views of MP John Williamson and denounces his "demeaning" remarks about temporary foreign workers.

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OTTAWA - Canada's telecommunication regulator has rolled out new rules for people who make political phone calls during federal election campaigns.

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MONTREAL - Two Montreal lawyers have filed a motion seeking clarification about the rights of Quebecers who want access to justice while wearing religious attire.

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CALGARY - A Calgary man who abused, starved and killed a dog and cat has been sentenced to 22 months in jail.

Nicolino Camardi, who is 19, is also banned for life from owning animals.

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MONTREAL - A Montreal man the RCMP fears will commit a terrorism offence has signed off on a peace bond.

Merouane Ghalmi made a brief court appearance today where the matter was settled.

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