TORONTO - Toronto Police say a three-year-old boy has died from injuries he suffered after falling from a 17th-floor apartment in the city's west-end.

Paramedics responded to a call Sunday afternoon.

VANCOUVER - A prosecutor's rare tactics to block a British Columbia man who murdered his three children from gaining some freedom is laying the groundwork for a possible test of the Conservative gover

OTTAWA - The Harper government stepped up its response to earthquake-ravaged Nepal on Sunday by dispatching advance elements of its highly specialized disaster assistance response team.

Troops who co

OTTAWA - A Jordanian newspaper is reporting that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will host King Abdullah II, one of his key allies in the fight on terrorism, in Ottawa in the coming days.

The tiny Midd

A pair of debates in Prince Edward Island will mark the last week of an election campaign centred on two leaders with deep island roots, but who are just getting their feet wet in provincial politics.

WINNIPEG - Police in Winnipeg are advising the homeless to use caution in the wake of two homicides.

Police say the bodies of two homeless men were found on Saturday behind buildings in the downtown

OTTAWA - A federal quick-response team set up to tackle the massive backlog of cases plaguing the social security tribunal doesn't appear to be moving all that quickly.

Between December and March 20,

TORONTO - Toronto's outgoing police chief has confirmed he will be running for the federal Liberals in the fall election.

Bill Blair tweeted Sunday morning that he is "excited to continue my public s

TORONTO - The billionaire co-founder of Tim Hortons is on the receiving end of a civil suit alleging he sexually assaulted his sometime lover four years ago, The Canadian Press has learned.

The actio

EDMONTON - With just days to go in the Alberta election campaign, the battle is on for undecided voters between, depending on whom you talk to, the corporate muppets and the union puppets.

And everyo