OTTAWA - A former ferry navigator who was convicted of criminal negligence in a fatal sinking off the B.C.

EDMONTON - A social worker has told court that the neglect and abuse of two-year-old twins is the worst her Edmonton office has ever seen.

Sheli Steil (STYLE) read a victim impact statement at the be

CALGARY - It was standing room only as the preliminary hearing for a man accused in Calgary's worst mass murder began Monday.

Matthew de Grood, 23, sat quietly during the proceedings.

The court was

WASHINGTON - John Baird is expressing skepticism about Iran even as nuclear talks with that country reach a sensitive stage.

Canada's former foreign affairs minister says he doesn't buy what he calls

HALIFAX - Text of an open statement from the participants in Dalhousie University's restorative justice process related to Facebook group posts made about females members of the fourth-year dentistry

HALIFAX - Male dentistry students from Dalhousie University who participated in a Facebook page that contained sexually violent content about female classmates have expressed remorse in an open letter

TORONTO - Police say they have identified and interviewed two men who built a tunnel near a Pan Am Games venue in Toronto and have determined there is no criminal intent or threat.

Investigators say

Three stories in the news today, Mar.

EDMONTON - The president of the University of Alberta is aware of concerns over an upcoming anti-abortion display, but says the school supports freedom of expression.

In a statement posted online, In

BAKER LAKE, Nunavut - Hilu Tagoona was just a girl the first time uranium miners proposed to develop a massive deposit of the radioactive metal near her home town of Baker Lake, Nunavut.

"I was about