CALGARY - Eternally outsmarted cartoon character Wile E.

MEXICO CITY - A Mexico City man is in Hogwarts heaven after his collection of "Harry Potter" paraphernalia was named the world's largest.

Menahem Asher Silva Vargas has spent nearly 15 years hoarding


HONOLULU, Hawaii - A group is claiming a world record for a popular Hawaii dish, after putting together a massive bowl of rice, hamburger, eggs and gravy.

Chef Hideaki Miyoshi of Tokkuri Tei restaura

BELFAST, Northern Ireland - It's often said the European Union has an image problem.

BERLIN - A gambler in Germany has been saved from prison by a one-armed bandit.

Police said Thursday that two officers carrying out routine checks at an arcade in the western city of Bochum late last

BALTIMORE - In late-breaking news from the 19th century, there's been a cannon recall.

The National Park Service says an iron reproduction historic cannon exploded during a celebratory firing Sept.

OXFORD, Ohio - An Ohio college president says the school supports safety for skunks, and for other furry creatures, too.

Miami University President David Hodge has thanked People for the Ethical Trea