VANCOUVER - MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSX:MDA) is reporting a big decrease in third-quarter net profit even as revenues improved sharply to $506.6 million.

TORONTO - Constellation Software Inc.

TORONTO - At first glance, Amazon's new Fire HD 6 tablet looks like something you would not want to buy.

The six-inch screen seems tiny compared to the display on a full-size iPad.

VANCOUVER - Ballard Power Systems Inc.

OTTAWA - Wi-LAN (TSX:WIN) says its third-quarter revenue turned out better than expected due to timing issues, rising almost 19 per cent to US$24.5 million.

That was above Wi-LAN's guidance of US$19.

VANCOUVER - MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.

TORONTO - DH Corporation (TSX:DH) has reported a big increase in both third-quarter revenue and earnings, reflecting what it says was both organic growth as well as growth from acquisitions.

The busi

VANCOUVER - Absolute Software Corp. (TSX: ABT) says its quarterly dividend will be going up 17 per cent to seven cents per share, starting with the Nov. 28 payment to its shareholders.

TORONTO - Google's Gmail has been given a new mobile-friendly look, and if users really like it, it could permanently replace the familiar, old-fashioned interface.

Ten years after the birth of Gmail

PHOENIX - Nearly 2,000 furnaces installed in an Arizona factory to make synthetic sapphire glass for Apple Inc.