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A return to splendour is in store for Thunder Bay’s historic Royal Edward Arms building under an owner who is committed to helping revitalize the city’s south-side core.

What do Murillo’s Dave Challen and Hearst’s Marcel Rheault have in common?
Both make home-grown products you might want to put on top of your ice cream as a delectable treat.

Thunder Bay police are investigating an attempted abduction that took place Tuesday night in Current River.

City council will be sharpening their pencils as they go through the proposed 2015 budget.

A new formula for calculating the cost of policing in municipalities that contract to the Ontario Provincial Police should result in Marathon residents paying slightly less this year.

Thunder Bay is celebrating two big winners of OLG instant lottery and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Dee Marie strikes a pose on the stage at Derelicte 7.

Most people don’t think of motorcycling as a winter sport, but a dedicated group of motorcyclists equipped with studded tires do.

Most people know of Empty Bowls/Caring Hearts as a successful grassroots fundraising organization that hosts a sellout dinner event annually in October.

Family Literacy Day is on Tuesday, but a celebration for it began on Saturday at Intercity Shopping Centre.