Passing the torch

Krista Power, left, takes over as city clerk for Thunder Bay as John Hannam heads into retirement.

Sitting in his office on his last day of work before retirement on Friday, Thunder Bay City Clerk John Hannam said he was feeling quite excited.

“I’m looking forward to what comes next,” said Hannam. “I’m proud of the work that I’ve done here and certainly proud of the people I worked with and what we accomplished together and the work we’ve done.”

Hannam has been the city clerk for the last 15 years after serving as deputy clerk for six years. During his time with the city there have been 3,642 bylaws passed, 4,977 corporate reports, each of which he read, there have been five city managers, 6.25 terms of council and seven elections.

“I’m on my fifth mayor,” said Hannam, acknowledging the constant presence he has been at city hall. “That’s typically what clerks are, we’re the ones that are always here.”

Describing city clerks as the oil the greases the wheels of the machine that keeps a city going, Hannam said the job wasn’t one he had envisioned himself doing at the beginning of his career when he graduated university with a degree in kinesiology.

Krista Power, who takes over the role of city clerk as Hannam retires, also came to the career in a round-about way, originally having her sights set on journalism and then tourism.

“I make the joke that we’re accidental clerks because it wasn’t where we started,” said Power.

“Turns out I was good at it,” said Hannam.


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