Fitting the helmet

Helmets on Kids’ Thunder Bay co-ordinator Duncan Macgillivray, left, fits Ecole Catholique Franco-Superieur Grade 6 student Nolan Poirier, right, for a bicycle helmet on Monday as Grade 6 student Huntington McNab, centre, looks on.

An avid cyclist in the summer months, Nolan Poirier was in need of a new bicycle helmet.

So the 12-year-old was amazed on Monday when every student, including himself, at Ecole Catholique Franco-Superieur received a free bike helmet through the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association’s Helmets on Kids program.

Since 2012, the trial lawyers group with the help of the Brain Injury Association of Thunder Bay and Area have given away bike helmets to every child in a chosen school each year.

This year the more than 300 students at Ecole Catholique Franco-Superieur were selected as recipients.

The students also received a lesson in bicycle safety.

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