Climbing Mount Baldy

Willem van Duyn heads up Mount Baldy as part of a team with Big Thunder Nordic Ski Club during Matterhorn Madness.

As Sandra Perrier ran down the rocky slop and approached the finish line after ascending Mount Baldy six times, McKenna Drabit, 8, took hold of her hand and joined her for the last several metres of the run.

Participating in the Matterhorn Madness race on Saturday for the fourth year as a team of two, Perrier said it’s all about the challenge.

“I guess I like to challenge my body and my mind, because really that’s what it is it’s a mind challenge,” said Perrier, describing the doubts that creep in by the time she tackled the steep uphill climb for the sixth time in a row.

The challenge for individuals and teams is to race up Mount Baldy 12 times, covering a total vertical distance of 1,600 metres, or the distance from base camp to the summit of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.

It is a fundraiser for Roots to Harvest, bringing in about $8,000 each year since it began five years ago.


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