Horsemanship demonstration

Lynn Nicklin works with Zeeva during a horsemanship demonstration by Northwest Naturals, a group of horse enthusiasts who work to have positive relationships with their horses.

The Livestock barn at the Hymers Fair was a whirl of activity Monday morning as cows and calves were washed and clipped in preparation for the dairy cattle show.

Ashlyn Schep ran a hair dryer and brush over a calf after the animal had been scrubbed clean.

“It’s just fun, we’ve always done it,” said Schep, 14. “I’ve grown up with it, showing cows every year, since I was little.”

Opting to not show this year but help get the family’s four calves ready for the ring, Schep said there’s a lot of work leading up to the show each year, beginning with selecting which animals look the best for the show ring.

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