Big cheque

Melanie Tibishkogijig, centre, was on hand as Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro, left, presented a cheque to Laura Daniele, PRO Kids co-ordinator, right.

For more than 11 years, PRO Kids has been there for Melanie Tibishkogijig’s family.

The organization that helps children overcome financial challenges to take part in different sports has made a huge impact on the lives of two of Tibishkogijig’s children and four of her grandchildren.

“It has helped a lot,” said Tibishkogijig. “Not only me financially but especially my kids, it has helped my babies be more confident within themselves, to build that self-esteem and to have something to look forward to every week.”

On Monday, Tibishkogijig was on hand to help PRO Kids accept a cheque for $15,694 raised during the Mayor’s Mulligan Golf Tournament held last month.

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