Race winner

Colin Chaschuk, of Neebing, stays in the lead to win the heat at Gondik Law Speedway in Superior Wis., on Saturday.

The mud was flying and the green flag was waving as Colin Chaschuk stared down 20 laps and put his foot to the floor.

It was Saturday night in Superior, Wis., and the final heats for the Gondik Law Speedway annual Superior Northern National dirt track races were underway.

“Saturday night I knew I was bang on when I started front row and the green flag dropped . . . I headed down the front straight and I said to myself, ‘I wasn’t lifting (off the throttle) for nothing. . . I had my foot to the carburetor,” he said.

Chaschuk, of Neebing, said his car “stuck like glue.”

“I came out of turn two. I was in the lead and I knew it was on,” he said. “I never looked back after that — I lead the whole 20 laps — I was so excited.”

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