IT IS possible that we are all as much responsible for the repeated disruptions at Hammarskjold High School as the anonymous caller? The caller provides the call. Do we ourselves provide part of the reward?

Wrongdoers often thrive on the responses they can evoke. The arsonist apparently returns to enjoy the excitement of the blaze and efforts to control it. The harassing caller delights in the victim not hanging up. The bully thrives on seeing someone else’s fear. Is it possible that the person calling in the threats for Hammarskjold finds the extensive media attention part of the reward for having made the threat?

Police have a duty to respond and the authorities may have a duty to evacuate the school, but could it be that highlighting the events in the media (including especially social media) is simply enhancing the caller’s reward?

John Cyr

Thunder Bay

(Originally published April 16, 2019)

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