I WOULD like to add my voice to those unhappy with carbon pricing forced on Ontario by the federal Liberal government. First of all, I am in support of efforts to slow down global warming. I do not, however, like being forced to commit my funding to the carbon pricing when the United States (330 million people) and China (more than one billion people) are not paying as well for this effort.

Having just spent some time in the U.S., I have noticed absolutely no effort at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, it is the opposite with bigger trucks and SUVs making up at least 75 per cent of vehicles on the road. I fail to see how our efforts here in Canada will help when the much greater polluters do nothing.

Then, part of the money we are spending for carbon tax to get us to drive less is given away to a large corporation (Loblaws) to upgrade refrigerators. This is a large profitable company that can afford this initiative on their own.

We should be working at reducing greenhouse gases by encouraging people to by electric, hybrid, or smaller vehicles. We could do this by reducing the ridiculous 13 per cent tax on new vehicles.

Garry Hughes

Thunder Bay

(Originally published April 16, 2019)

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