I FOUND your editorial about the carbon emissions of Trudeau’s short vacation in Florida (Jet Set Habits Undermine PM’s Credibility — April 10) somewhat interesting. I know the duties of our prime minister require extensive travel in Canada and abroad to attend functions, both of great importance and trivial, but this prime minister seems to be flying somewhere every day.

A few months ago I wrote the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) to request how far last year did he travel by airplane and how much carbon emissions were emitted on these travels. I got a reply that my request was being forwarded to the minister of environment. That of course is as far as it went.

Imagine a mere constituent expecting an answer to a question like that. I am to just pay the carbon tax. I am still curious if there is anyone out there with an answer.

Richard Flanagan

Terrace Bay

(Originally published April 13, 2019)

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