AFTER seeing the government dole out $12 million to Loblaws for new freezers and get bombarded by irate Canadians and the media as well as our other political parties, I tend to think that if the taxpayers had a vote, the company (with $800 million profits in 2018) would have been putting their own money on the table to improve their stores.

My real concern is with the reasoning of the grant and the justification to the public by Environment Minister Katherine McKenna. She states that replacing the refrigerators will be equivalent to removing 50,000 cars from our highways each year.

Now this really got me thinking. A refrigerator runs on electricity and electricity is mostly produced by turbines turned by water. As I understand it, this form of power is supposedly pretty clean. That being the truth, how is it that replacing the existing units will change the greenhouse gas emission by such a high amount? The new units will run on the same electricity produced by the same generating plants.

I can agree that they will probably be a very small bit more efficient, but the difference will certainly not equate to 50,000 cars.

I disappoints me that there is so much misinformation coming out of the government I voted for.

Bernie Roy

Thunder Bay

(Originally published April 20, 2019)

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