YOUR newspaper’s “diversity of views” statement should be qualified to say “as long as they do not include global cooling.” Your ignorance of science mirrors that of politics, which are stuck in the year 2012 when Barack Obama stated “the science is settled.”

Scientific research has determined carbon dioxide does not warm the planet. It has questioned the validity of the catastrophic greenhouse effect based on the fact that no experimental proof exists. Plus, the alarmists cannot explain why there is no runaway global warming.

The mainstream media, along with this newspaper, will not — I repeat — will not publish any news item which appears to show that the Earth is indeed cooling. Is this narcissistic attitude the new democratic way or just plain censorship?

Looking back in history, I understand now how a fanatical political movement led Germany into the Second World War.

Robert Chondon

Thunder Bay

(Originally published April 20, 2019)

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