CONGRATULATIONS to the United Conservative Party win in the Alberta provincial election. Jason Kenney has suggested the expansion of oil pipelines both east and west. Quebec has shut Alberta down already, while still taking the majority of transfer payments from Canadian taxpayers. (So has British Columbia, but we can’t do much about that in Thunder Bay.)

Let’s support Alberta and prosperity for all of Canada and push for pipelines to Thunder Bay where we can ship oil east through our fantastic shipping ports. Let’s even build a refinery.

For all of those who would howl at this suggestion, please recall Gwyn Morgan’s column (American Meddle In Oil Sands — CJ, March 27) on how U.S. groups are backing anti-pipeline efforts in Canada. If this article doesn’t make your blood boil then you have been hoodwinked. Also see the March 7 CBC Radio story (found on on shipping Alberta bitumen through Thunder Bay.

If we don’t increase Canadian gross domestic product, who will pay for our huge social system and our ever-increasing compound interest on debt? (See also the debt clocks for federal and provincial governments, let alone Thunder Bay debts ever increasing.)

Robin Lacey

Thunder Bay


(Originally published April 27, 2019)

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