THUNDER Bay Mayor Mauro seems to be doubling down on his previous assertion that the main problem with the reports from the Office of the Independent Police Review and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission is that they damage Thunder Bay’s reputation (Hard Work Ahead: Mayor — CJ, May 15).

I think the mayor’s response damages the city’s reputation. Rather than indicate that he intends to lead the city to improving the situation outlined in the reports, he chooses to denigrate the authors by referring to them as “these two guys.”

That Bill Mauro refers to Murray Sinclair, the respected senator and former justice and chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as one of “these two guys” is appalling. Perhaps if he pledged to diligently work towards the goal of making Indigenous citizens not only feel, but be, part of the community, whose concerns are seriously represented and addressed at City Hall, we might actually see the improvement he “acknowledges” is important.

Perhaps the reputation of the city would take a giant leap if our mayor set an example for the mayors of all those cities that we are “no worse than.” The challenges are going to take a lot more than acknowledgement of the problem (which he scarcely accomplishes) and applauding the policies that were set in place by his predecessors. He could try setting his bar a little higher.

Rebecca Dickson


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