I AM sitting here wondering why an Afghan war memorial was opened at a Department of National Defence location without any Canadian veterans of the Afghanistan conflict in attendance. Any soldier who was deployed to that place has a right to attend that ceremony and be acknowledged for their service there.

This Liberal government seems to show their distaste to this war by not allowing veterans to attend. Why was it so secretive and why wouldn’t veterans be invited for the unveiling? It is because Justin Trudeau doesn’t like war and he doesn’t want to offend Afghani people.

Canadian soldiers seem to have to fight for every benefit that is due to them when coming home from deployment. Our prime minister has to put our soldiers interest ahead of refugees and migrants. The soldiers are the ones who defend this country without question.

Someone from the Prime Minister’s Office should be held accountable for not bringing veterans to the memorial and that should fall on no one else than our prime minister. He needs to step down off his elitist high horse and acknowledge the contribution these soldiers have given to make this country the place that allowed him to become what he is.

Never forget where you come from and what people had to sacrifice for you to be there. Honour your country’s veterans and heroes.

Alvin Haukeness

Thunder Bay

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