THANK you to Hannah D’Uva for her heartfelt letter in Saturday’s Chronicle-Journal expressing her generation’s fears about climate change. Her concerns were in sharp contrast to Messrs. Rogers, Roy, Dost and Chondon, all of whom had letters on the same page either denying that climate change exists or criticizing the attempts being made by the federal government to address the issue as a tax grab.

To Hannah I would say that many seniors are as concerned as you are about the failure of our generation to recognize and deal with climate change. We are trying to do what we can to make lifestyle changes. We support a carbon tax and are concerned about energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. The efforts may seem small compared to the overwhelming nature of the problem but if each individual’s small efforts are duplicated across the country and around the world, change is possible.

As grandparents we are concerned about the future we are leaving for our grandchildren. It is important for each of us of the older generations to raise our voices in support of action on climate change now. Our silence only serves as permission for the government to drag its heels.

Brenda Reimer

Thunder Bay

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