HOW kind of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put a carbon tax on us to make us stay home with the thermostat turned down while he travels all over the place with his jet plane. How much carbon tax does he pay out of his own pocket?

Take a look up at the sky and see the vapour trails all over, especially towards evening. According to my computer, there are some 3,354 jet planes in the air at the same time. How many miles per gallon do they get? See any that have a battery-operated engine with solar panels? Or, perhaps a large rubber band wound up tight in order to save fuel and the planet?

Explain to me how me driving my car to the store can cause an earthquake, a snowstorm, a hurricane, etc., but a jet plane is harmless?

I will get interested when I see our politicians take a bus to Ottawa — or better yet, a bicycle.

Wesley Rogers

Thunder Bay

(Originally published April 20, 2019)

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