THE comments of Brenda Reimer (Older Generations Also Support Climate Action — letter, April 23) fall directly in line with what my letter was really about — misinformation. You have grouped my letter in a category that was against the global warming issue.

If you would re-read my submission you should find that it is about our Liberal government spending $12 million dollars plus to the benefit of a corporation that earned over $800 million in 2018 and gouged the Canadian public out of millions in a bread scandal and is presently under investigation for tax issues.

I was employed in the industrial maintenance field for 40-plus years. I have a fairly good understanding on the operation of commercial electrical motors and refrigeration along with many other things mechanical, including automotive.

When Catherine McKenna made her comparison (equating the emissions impact to 50,000 cars), I was not impressed to say the least and that is what my article stated. I made no reference to global warming positive or negative.

Allow me to give you my opinion on that subject. I do not agree with all the information that is being pressed upon the Canadian public concerning the reasons for “global warming.” What people are being told is only one side of a very complicated issue.

Too many Canadians don’t want to be bothered to find the information about the other side of the story, which is typical of most human beings. It’s easier to believe the first thing you hear.

I have done much research. I could write for quite a while on what I’ve found but it’s better that those who honestly care do their own research. I will give you a couple of bits of my findings.

At present, China is on board to produce up to 500 new coal-fired generating stations. They are also building them for Malawi, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and other countries as well, while we struggle to reduce our carbon footprint. We would be like the captain of the Titanic trying to bail his sinking ship with a tea cup.

Let’s look at the Alberta tar sands. Was it not Mother Nature that created the tar sands? This being fact, would the greenhouse gas rising from the tar sands not be an event caused by nature? Look at man’s action there as a clean-up program, you will be closer to the truth.

Carbon dioxide is the building block of life on our planet. Reduce it too much and we will begin another ice age. Not so good for the grandkids.

We need to clean up the wars and nuclear weapons or our planet will be uninhabitable long before greenhouse gas does us in.

Just my opinion of course.

Bernie Roy

Thunder Bay


(Originally published April 27, 2019)

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