I’M GETTING a little tired of having to point out the flaws in the logic and calculations in the articles you publish on behalf of the Fraser Institute. The organization is dedicated to spinning facts and statistics to give the impression that any government left of the extreme right is fiscally and morally irresponsible.

It is rather headspinning to analyze further than the skewed conclusions they wish readers to reach. However, it does not take much fact-checking to unravel the nonsense in the latest offering (Deficit Spending Cripples Economy — column, April 27) in which the authors give the impression that the current government has added more to the federal per capita debt per year than any other government in history.

Even if we use the “projected deficit” for 2019, the Liberals will have added $366 per capita per year to the debt while the previous Conservative government added $441 per capita per year. Yes, the Conservatives dealt with a recession during one year of their eight-year mandate; they also started their mandate with a significant surplus left to them by the previous Liberal government.

The Chronicle-Journal has recently published several opinion pieces from the Fraser Institute, the Frontier Institute for Public Policy and Cardus, all of which are supported by American right-wing foundations dedicated to establishing a network of “think tanks” whose goal is to modify public opinion by cleverly worded rhetoric that obfuscates the truth.

The last article by the Fraser Institute I responded to was a hypocritical diatribe against Canadian charities and politicians that are concerned about the environment. Specifically the article was a harangue about environmental organizations being supported by American foundations. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Rebecca Dickson


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