DEAR all current and past prime minsters, premiers, U.S. presidents and govenors, there is something that puzzles me.

In your careers, you have been or are in charge of many facets of our lives. Your immigration policies, barriers and the arming of your border guards are designed to prevent unlawful entry, to keep us safe. You create policies on speed limits within cities and on highways in the name of safety. We have countless criminal laws and processes to keep people safe.

You create building codes that limit what can be used for building materials, safety rules for workers, you arm police officers and there are likely hundreds of rules and policies all designed for public safety.

During election campaigns, we are bombarded with claims that electing you will be for our benefit.

That is why I am so puzzled by one thing: why exactly do you sit on your collective backsides and allow people to avoid being vaccinated for personal or religious reasons?

How do you justify risking my life and those of others with our compromised immune systems? How do you justify not mandating that unless there is a specific medical reason for not being vaccinated, everyone must receive these shots?

The science seems to be on the side that vaccinations work. If you believe that, why do you let religion rule over public policy. This constant use of religion for any reason should be stopped. It is absurd that decisions are taken that allows religion to be the factor in any government policy, but it is far worse when it comes to public health.

So I am asking, help me and others avoid death because someone’s religion or Jenny McCarthy’s Facebook feed says to avoid vaccination. When you do that, I will again have confidence that you really do have our best interests at heart.

Jim Mauro

Thunder Bay

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