I WOULD like to address the recent letter by Dawson Mihichuk (Still Looking For Party To Represent The North — letter, April 16). I would like to thank Mr. Mihichuk and all the other people for attending the Northern Ontario Party meeting and voicing their concerns. It shows that democracy is alive and well.

The purpose of this meeting was to present how our party platform would address the major concerns our province faces today. I presented four major topics; the economy, hydro, health care and provincial/municipal governance.

When each topic was presented, I asked if there were any comments or questions anyone had regarding that particular topic. Everyone was allowed to speak without interruption. After all that was said and done, we elected an executive board and candidate.

As for bickering among ourselves, the only one who challenged our platform was Mr. Mihichuk, and even he acknowledged I made good points. Sure there were strong words said about Mr. Gravelle and city council, but this was a result of the frustration people are feeling on how this province and city are being governed at the present time.

I myself question why the provincial government would sell off a public utility that makes money? Why spend $100 million on a fancy bridge that already failed us? Why outsource manufacturing for our natural resources when we have the facilities here? Why doesn’t city council challenge the unjust practices this provincial government imposes on our municipalities, such as privatizing our casino or implementing an unfair property taxation system?

I’m proud to belong to a party that will represent the people, rather than a party agenda. I’m proud to campaign on our party platform that was voted on and approved by all party members, not an elite executive board. I'm proud to have been nominated as your Northern Ontario Party candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North.

For more information about our platform, please visit our website at northernontarioparty.org/platform.html.

Andy Wolff

Thunder Bay

Northern Ontario Party candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North

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