THUNDER Bay-Superior North MP Patty Hajdu, writes Canadians want action on climate change (letter — CJ, April 8). Since Hajdu is a member Trudeau’s inner cabinet, she must agree with the Prime Minister on all matters — carbon tax included.

What does Justin Trudeau do for the reduction of carbon emissions? A big fat zero is what. Does Trudeau have to worry about the price of gas, hydro, heating and taxes? He never has.

Trudeau does not have to drive to work, he is driven to work in chauffeured limousine. No carbon tax there. The ordinary working person must drive some distance to his or her job, carbon taxed for going to work

When Justin Trudeau goes on holidays, he take the family on a government plane. No carbon tax there. When an ordinary working person wants to go on a holiday, they usually have to scrimp save to take their family on a decent vacation. Carbon tax on their holiday.

I am fed up with people living in cities, who have access to public transportation, subway systems, commuter trains, buses, plane service, telling the people living in the countryside to cut back on their driving to save the planet.

People who live in Dryden do not have these luxuries. There’s no local public transportation, no train service, no Greyhound bus anymore. If you have to go anywhere, you must drive.

Think about the people living in small villages like Upsala, Dinorwic, Vermilion Bay, Ear Falls and Beardmore. They must drive to get to a doctor, dentist, etc., so they’re punished for living where they do by hitting them with the carbon tax.

I live on the outskirts of Dryden — five kilometres from the city limits. I must drive to get to a store for food, doctor, dentist, post office — and now I have to pay a carbon tax to be able to do that.

I am retired and live on a small pension. My taxes, insurance, food bill have all gone up as well as the cost of living. What is next?

Hajdu tells us that we will get a tax rebate on the carbon tax we have paid — approximately $307 for a family of four. That means mother and father and two children. What about a larger family to feed? $307 is a joke. This amount will not likely cover a week’s worth of groceries for a family with growing teenagers — especially if they are into sports.

Prime Minister Trudeau is supposed to lead by example. During the July 1 celebrations last year, Trudeau left his family in Ottawa while he took the government plane and flew to southwestern Ontario and then out west to celebrate Canada’s birthday. Is that not a big carbon footprint on the backs of working Canadians? How much aviation fuel did the government plane burn during the these trips?

We have to stop being wasteful society. The world is overpopulated and resources are being stretched to limit. More people wanting cars than ever before, especially in China and India. You can see the smog hanging over the cities with large car users. China is still building coal-fired generators for power, only adding to the worldwide problem.

Just look at Toronto during rush hour to see where the most polluters are in the GTA. They are people going to and from work everyday. How do you stop that? How do you stop the thousands of transport trucks from delivering goods across Canada? Taxing them is taxing us.

Canada is a mere dot on the world wide polluters scale.

Only the working people will have to pay full price for the climate change.

John Kennedy


(Originally published April 13, 2019)

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