Re Beyak’s Comments Hurtful, Group Says - CJ, March 18:

Are critics of Senator Lynn Beyak saying that throughout the century-and-a-half of the residential schools there were never any good deeds? Ever?

Are they saying that no one on the staff in residential schools was a good person? Ever?

The well-being and cultural success of aboriginal people that needs to be pursued in Canada today is too important a process to let it be hijacked by the shrill tyranny of political correctness that denounces rational discussion. Nor will it be advanced by attempting to barter with hurt feelings.

Sen. Beyak’s comments were balanced and thoughtful. They gave needed voice to good people who appear not to have been heard, or, if heard, not listened with any understanding. Not to recognize that would seem to choose tyranny and hurt feelings over reconciliation.

John A. Cyr


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