THUMBS Up to “my daughter who found an envelope containing $1,000 on the floor in Canadian Tire, and immediately turned it in. Heads up to retailers to brief staff on security and documentation procedures when valuables are found in store. Happily, the money was claimed within a few hours. Merry Christmas to the honest finder and the fortunate ‘loser’!”

THUMBS Up to those who put up Christmas lights and decorations at this time of the year. “As I walk my dogs each night we thoroughly enjoy the sight of all the homes during the festive season. It makes me truly appreciate how lucky I am to be able to take it all in.”

THUMBS Up to the city crew who “transformed a nondescript tree into a work of beauty in Connaught Park. Pleasure to come out of mass at 6 p.m. and be speechless!”

MANY Thumbs Up to Mary McGhee and the Community Choir for its fantastic holiday concert on Dec. 9. “This exceptional concert raised over $5,000 for Parkinson Canada in less than one hour. The Community Choir of Thunder Bay is by far the best choir in this city. Congrats to all,” wrote one reader. Another fan wrote to say: “I had goose bumps — the music was so beautiful. I would pay big bucks to hear that concert again at the Auditorium. . . . What talent we have in Thunder Bay. Can’t wait to hear them again on Good Friday.”

THUMBS Up to a young boy on Rosslyn Road Tuesday morning. “I was just ahead of your school bus. As I drove past you I saw you put a small set of antlers on top of your toque. You warmed my heart for the whole day. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

THUMBS Up to the kind person who found a set of car keys at County Fair plaza recently and dropped them in the mailbox. “What a nice surprise to get a parcel from the War Amps with my keys inside. Many thanks. You made my day.”


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