THUMBS Up to police officers “whose job is extremely difficult and yet are shown very little respect and honour. Our police officers deserve our highest esteem and praise for the work they do on our behalf, not our ridicule and insult and judgment. Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe. And keep up that great work.”

THUMBS Up to the Project Linus blanketeers who “thoughtfully and generously donate their time and materials to lovingly handcraft security blankets in order to brighten a child’s day at Faye Peterson Transition House and the Children’s Aid Society. Canadian Tire on Arthur Street has been the drop-off depot for eight years and is instrumental in the success of this charity organization. Thank you and Merry Christmas!”

THUMBS Up to everyone involved in the Parade of Lights 2018. “Thank you to the committee that plans it, the organizations that work so hard putting in many hours in planning and decorating the trucks and floats that thrill us all. A big thanks to the volunteers who line up the trucks, city police for directing traffic, parade walkers for shaking their donation cans and to the spectators for coming out to support and generously donate money to four great charities. Have a safe and happy holiday season, see you in 2019.”

THUMBS Up to local youth from All the Daze Production who “awed their audience in an outstanding performance of Les Miserables School Edition a week ago. A professional team couldn’t have done better; these actors poured energy and enthusiasm through their performance. If you didn’t get to see it, then for your sake I hope they do it again.”

THUMBS Up to the two women who “helped catch my dog Charlie on the corner of Red River Road and College Street last Saturday. They went out of their way to help corral him in our yard after he had escaped out of an open gate. Their help was greatly appreciated, especially as Charlie has no fear of cars.”

THUMBS Down to drivers who block intersections. “I am on West Frederica and was trying to cross Neebing Avenue at 7:30 a.m., Wednesday. Traffic heading south towards Broadway was stopped all the way back to Highway 61 due to the construction on the highway. In the lineup was a big white truck that blocked the intersection at Frederica where a fire hall is located. I waited for 10 minutes and wondered what would happen if fire trucks had to get out. Some people have no sense!”


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