THUMBS Up to a local eye care centre. “While I was having a lens replaced in my glasses, I was offered a cup of hot apple cider. What an unexpected treat. Merry Christmas.”

THUMBS Up to Austin and all his coworkers at an area pharmacy. The service and knowledge is tops. Great place, keep up the good work.

THUMBS Up to a group of “wonderful young people who helped me in the parking lot of a Red River Road bank on Sunday. I took a bad fall and I was ever so lucky that they came to my rescue. Another example of how much kindness is all around us.”

THUMBS Down to the person who stole the homemade Christmas penguin sign from a Birch Grove Drive frontyard. “Even with the outside light on and my cameras on, you boldly walked up my steps and stole this beautiful homemade sign that my 11-year-old son’s grandma made him. She lives hundreds of miles from here and made this as a gift to him because he loves penguins so much. Please do the right thing and return it, just drop it off in the driveway no questions asked. I won’t have my outdoor lights on so no one will see you return it. This was a child’s gift and to steal it right before Christmas is just wrong. If anyone sees a three-foot painted wooden Christmas penguin in someone else’s yard, please tell them to return it. It’s one of a kind and it really put a downer on my son’s mood this season.

THUMBS Up from 12 members of the Canadian Armed Forces who were eating lunch during a break from training last Saturday. “We were at Both Hands Pizzeria and Bakery enjoying our meal and upon going to pay for our food, we were advised that someone had already taken care of our tab for us. Many thanks to the generous angel who brought a Christmas gift early. Your kindness will always be remembered and warmed our hearts. We are humbled and grateful.”

HEARTFELT thanks to the kind gentleman on a flight from Toronto to Thunder Bay on Monday. “Your kind gift to our daughter and little boy will never be forgotten. You thoughtfulness made our Christmas much brighter. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”


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